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Young Red American

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(no subject) [Sep. 29th, 2005|10:57 pm]
Young Red American

i am moving to inner-city lima on monday! i will have my own house there be located in the city as opposed to the woods. there will be shows, and resturants, and people! all i can say is praise the Lord.

i took my gre and did reasonably well. i got to see big jay the williams up at case western while i was up near cleavland. it made for a delightful evening over all. i am taking my lsat (law school admission test) on sat. at oberlin. i can only hope the same sort of fun will ensue.

you owe it to yourself to do two things. one, go to chicago october 5th. do it. i'll be there partying hard with moose, laura, my sister, sarah, and monica. it'll be like "cabin fever" only without the flesh eating virus or woods.

two, go look at letters to wendy's. this is a book of poems written on wendy's comment cards. not only is a good poetry, it is hilarious. you can look at the first few pages on amazon.com. here is a link to some more: http://www.nerve.com/Poetry/Wenderoth/LettersToWendy/index.asp?page=1.

"Come on, just poke me like you used to. Just a slow poke. Look into my eyes — are these the eyes of a wooden board?"

Joe Wenderoth
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(no subject) [Sep. 24th, 2005|07:44 pm]
Young Red American

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back from the void [Sep. 4th, 2005|04:45 pm]
Young Red American
so, i am finally back from the void. the last three weeks in brevity: i went back home to iowa for a week, i had a birthday, saw a bunch of cool kids(including mary nesbit, who i assumed had been eaten by a pack of hungry wolves based on the fact that i hadn't seen her in some time), and went to ohio to meet rachel. rachel, who was sick, and i spent a bunch of time camping and sleeping on aarons hard wood floors. i petted the cutest one-fourth of a dog on earth, i went to a german-american festival. rachel left. i spent a week reading, writing, going to the art museum, and playing munckin with aaron, thom, and company. now, i am at kenyon with rachel and my position with bvs really begins on monday. ok, that out of the way.

man, i must admit that i miss school. that is not to say a miss beloit so much, though i do miss the byron, ester, that indian girl....what's her name?... (j/k) and chad. happy freaking birthday chad! but definitly i feel like i want to get back to academia next year. reading and writing without other people to work with can make you a little out of touch and insane. i miss having books and having scheduled things that involve me learning. but, i can see myself doing some serious good in my position and there is definetly a need: i was given a list today of about 25 churches who want to me to come help out with youth or other things. my official food budget for the year is ten dollars a week for food, which seems not so good, but there is a kitchen at this camp i can raid. in addition, i get to live in this cabin which is called white oak. i imagine a white log cabin in which case i think i shall take to wearing white cowboy boots and a large, white, foam cowboy hat.

holy crap, i miss buddy, the way he would eat virtually anything, the way he would lick my bed at night and rest all day for another wild night of licking. best wishes to everyone back in the great state of iowa, i would gladly bear your young, whoever you are.
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party....dawg [Aug. 8th, 2005|05:48 pm]
Young Red American

so, my birthday is coming up on the 14th, this sunday. rather than a party out at my house, which requires a tremedous amount of gas money and hassle, i am hoping to get together with everyone i haven't seen in 3 months for dinner. i am thinking india star at 8:00 p.m on sunday. you (yes, you), should come and see the kyle, perhaps make some babies. i would really like to see everyone, even if you aren't hungry or don't have cash.
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lovecalculator [Aug. 4th, 2005|08:20 am]
Young Red American

so, i decided to run some numbers on the love calculator. i ran myself with karl marx, v.i. lenin, Jesus Christ, and my former significant others. however, the big winner was this--

kyle mccord, buddy the dog 98 %

"Dr. Love thinks that a relationship between kyle mccord and buddy the dog has a very good chance of being successful, but this doesn't mean that you don't have to work on the relationship. Remember that every relationship needs spending time together, talking with each other etc."

i miss you, buddy.
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(no subject) [Jul. 11th, 2005|06:26 pm]
Young Red American
[Current Mood |busy]

ah yes, the bonnet. so, i decided last sunday it would be a good idea to go to the lewiston church of the brethren. i got there late because it was hard to find and entered through the only door there was, the one that lead right into the chapel (that way everyone could hear and see me which is just what i want, right). every woman is wearing old fashioned clothes and a bonnet, all the men, suits. i am wearing jeans, a chain, a t-shirt, and (as if it wasn't bad enough, sandals [hey, Jesus wore sandals, right?]. extremely embarassing, but people afterwards were really nice and this guy steve invited me to have dinner at his house.

to explain the course of the last week would be extremely difficult. sarah and i decided to break up. she did a really wonderful job of supporting me through the end of this. this basically means that now i just have more than one best friend (sorry michael). in the time since then, some really wonderful things have happened for me. it would be difficult to explain the whole situation here, but i will just thank people for their prayers and supprt. tonight rachel and i are watching happiness and wet, hot american summer. ah, phillip seymore hoffman, i wish you were a woman so i could bear your young.
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Where have you been? [Jun. 9th, 2005|08:37 pm]
Young Red American
It is generally my policy not to put too much text down at one time, but quite frankly, I have fallen into a void in cyberspace for like 2 weeks. After spending a week chilling out with Aaron, I have finally arrived in Maine. To describe the entirety of the roadtrip would be ridonkulous. Therefore I am going to provide abreviated highlights of the trip.

1. I pretty much doubled my CD collection.

2. While in Chicago, I hung out with the Sarah the Bear. We did many bear things including going out to the lake, shopping on Michigan Ave., and doing a handstand in front of the public library. We also ate in Chinatown, the most delicous side of Chicago.

3. In Ohio, I set alot of things on fire.

4. I swam in a pond with a dog. (This is not bizarre inuendo, this really happened)

5. I played original sega games with the Ohio crew including Zombies Ate my Neighbors and Battletoads.

6. I was so inspired by the new 12 canons cd that I went and ate a newborn child.

7. I drove 14 hours to Maine and got one ticket for going 75 in a 65 zone. (how did that happen?)

My internship looks to be incredibly simple and pleasant. Today we sent out new issues of the journal while John's wife provided us with shortbread and strawberries. Then they showed us their new collection of Chinese art which was so beautiful. All of the people I have met so far have been really nice and interesting people. I only have to work 2 days a week and the rest is up to me. I am not entirely crazy about that seeing as I know pretty close to no one and almost everyone has already settled into pretty routine patterns. However, I have faith that things will get better. I feel like God didn't just drop me here to spend tons of alone time writing poetry. Sometimes all our worries are only exasterbated by our own fears. A self-fullfilling prophecy. Pray for me. If you do not wish to pray for me, give me a call after 8:00 your time. If you do not wish to call me, find out what my address is and send me delicious cookies. Best wishes to the world.

Oh yeah, and get the new 12 canons CD. It is freaking incredible. Do it. Do it.
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leaving [May. 30th, 2005|08:46 pm]
Young Red American
I am packing all my stuff for tomorrow morning. Even though I am still about a week away from being in a totally alien and frightening place (I am stopping in Chicago and Toldeo), I feel so close to meltdown. My new cellphone number is 515-883-0021, but you can still get ahold of me on my old cell for the next 2 days or so. I would appreciate it more than you know, if anyone gave me a call tomorrow or in the next couple days just to say hello. It is always tough to be away from D.M. and everyone for months on end. I just pray I can find people in Maine with as excellent an appreciation of the art of hiding carrots, or making animal noises, or setting fires to small to medium sized appliances. But then who am I kidding, Iowa seems to have a monopoly on that. God Bless.
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(no subject) [May. 29th, 2005|02:27 am]
Young Red American
I am really looking forward to seeing you this weekend Ser. I am sorry I have not been so considerate lately. I really need you in my life. I miss you more than I let on. Thanks for being there for me when I am lonely, or distracted, or just plain uninteresting.
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Going Away Party [May. 26th, 2005|07:49 pm]
Young Red American
I am taking off on the 30th of May. The night before I am having a big shindig in Adel at my place. It will be happening on the 29th at 9:00 P.M. and Raffi (not like the Wheels on the Bus Guy) is gonna come spin some trance. If you are reading this, you are probably invited. If you are my friend and you do not come, I will weep bitterly. Seriously, seriously, bitterly. If you need directions you can call me at 669-8783.
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